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SigmafineHub Quickstart

Onboard new SigmafineHub users rapidly.


Scope of service

The SigmafineHub Quickstart service package complements the SigmafineHub Installation service package and is designed to provide a rapid orientation on how to convert existing Sigmafine Displays (*.PDI files), view Sigmafine models, run cases using the SigmafineHub Visualizer web app, and manage SigmafineHub users using the SigmafineHub Admin web app.



The standard elapsed time, from order to completion for this service package is estimated at 2 to 4 weeks.  Upon confirmation of an order, a SigmafineHub product specialist will contact you to explain the pre-installation checklist and confirm a project start date.


This is an 8-hour orientation training, broken down in to four (4) sessions of 2 hours, during which participants will learn about:

  • Using the SigmafineHub Admin web app to create and manage users.
  • Installing the SigmafineHub Display Converter add-in to PI ProcessBook.
  • Converting PI ProcessBook displays (*.PDI files) to Sigmafine displays using the Display Converter. – each participant will convert one (1) display.
  • Importing and testing of converted displays.
  • Using the SigmafineHub Visualizer web app to retrieve, load, view, analyze displays, and run cases.

Throughout these steps, users will be introduced to the standard SigmafineHub web app UI (User Interface) concept which is common to all SigmafineHub web apps.


  • Provide remote secure access through dedicated VPN or equivalent to the previously installed SigmafineHub server.
  • Make available Sigmafine displays for conversion and testing purposes. The selected display must be correctly synchronized with the Sigmafine model.
  • Participants must have prior knowledge and/or experience in the use of Sigmafine or should have taken the Sigmafine User Training.
  • The minimum version of PI ProcessBook must be 2014 with .NET Framework 4.6 and PI AF SDK 2.9.5.


  • This service package is delivered remotely and requires remote access to the SigmafineHub application server previously installed and an active Sigmafine Server.
  • The maximum number of participants is four (4).
  • A pre-orientation checklist will be sent and reviewed with the customer to confirm that all prerequisites are met before proceeding with the orientation session.
  • The orientation session may be recorded by the customer and reused for retraining purposes inside their organization.

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