About Pimsoft

Founded in 1995, Pimsoft is a private company headquartered in Turin, Italy with a satellite office in Houston, Texas.

Pimsoft’s Sigmafine solution is an enterprise-wide software platform that improves and sustains data quality for process and manufacturing industries. The company employs more than 70 professionals, engineers and IT specialists.


What we do

Because process and manufacturing operations produce an ever-increasing amount of data, poor data quality affects critical decision-making and, ultimately, an organization’s bottom line.

At Pimsoft, we are in the business of generating value for our customers by ensuring consistent accuracy and usability of process and manufacturing data. Our customers can fully trust their data for action.

What we deliver

Sigmafine is a state-of-the-art platform for validating, reconciling, and organizing information according to each customer’s operational and business requirements.

We bring the expertise and services required to implement and maintain a complete data governance framework for complex process and manufacturing operations.

Ensuring the highest standards of data quality is our core technology, competency, and expertise.

Sigmafine is a software system comprising of 4 main aspects:



The Sigmafine server runs the recurring and repetitive processes associated with detecting bias and gross error. The system provides the best possible estimators for a given measurement system.



The Sigmafine system is complemented by a set of tools that address both the data quality governance process and data utilization and usability.



Sigmafine systems can be extended to address industry or domain-specific data processing requirements such as hydrocarbon calculations, LPG & LNG calculations, energy calculations, thermodynamic calculations, and so on.



The Sigmafine system fits in place thanks to integration technology that handles both data collection and data integration across the enterprise.

Who Uses Sigmafine?

Pimsoft and Sigmafine have a successful 25+ year track record that includes a broad installed base around the globe, across multiple industries and solution areas. Currently, there are more than 180 active Sigmafine systems worldwide.

Installed Base by Region

  • North America

  • Europe & CIS

  • Latin America

  • Africa & Middle East

  • Eurasia & Asia Pacific


Installed Base by Industry

  • Oil & Gas

  • Chemicals

  • Mines & Metals

  • LNG

  • Power & Utilities

  • Others


Americas & APAC

Pimsoft Inc.
757 N. Eldridge Parkway, Suite 725
Houston, TX, 77079,  USA

Phone: +1 (281) 920-9196
Fax: +1 (281) 754-4421


Pimsoft S.p.A.
Corso Stati Uniti, 35
10129 Turin, ITALY

Phone: +39 011 5625213
Fax: +39 011 5637744

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