SigmafineApps for the OSIsoft® PI System®

Making advanced engineering calculations easier

Empower your PI AF installation by plugging in industry-based engineering calculations.  Automate the task of performing complex calculations to achieve more accurate and timely calculations of energy consumption, duty, efficiency, performance, compositions, and a wide variety of KPIs.


What is a SigmafineApp for the OSIsoft PI System?

A SigmafineApp for the OSIsoft PI System implements a state-of-the-art, configurable, integrated, and structured approach to advanced engineering calculations in the process industries. The calculations are delivered as standard PI AF plugins and the results are published as calculated datastreams in the PI System of OSIsoft.


Calculate the energy content, calorific value, and density of natural gas in liquid and gaseous phase as well as vapor and liquid volume correction factors (VCF) for LPG’s in pressurized vessels.


Estimate multi-component mixtures and evaluate vapor-liquid equilibrium and thermodynamic properties using the equations of state (Peng-Robinson and Soave-Redlich-Kwong) to support Sigmafine reconciliation analysis.


  • Integrate seamlessly in the OSIsoft PI System
  • Delivered as PI AF plugins
  • Executes on event or on schedule


  • Avoids mistakes associated with the use of spreadsheets and offline tools
  • Implements a centralized, secure, and auditable calculation framework, using PI AF
  • Runs unattended, and publishes key results in a timely manner to PI tags


  • Create a deeper insight into industrial processes or unit operationsresulting in opportunities for innovation, continuous improvements, and improved decision-making.
  • Leave the task of making repetitive and complex process calculations to the SigmafineApp. Spend more time improving process performance and creating tangible benefits driving ROI.

Custom PI Extensions and PI-ACE module replacement

For customers that have specific engineering calculation needs, Pimsoft offers a development service and support for custom PI extensions in AF based on the same approach as the SigmafineApp for the OSIsoft PI System.

Given the progressive retirement of PI ACE starting in 2022, SigmafineApps can be a solution for the replacement of PI ACE modules with a custom extension of the OSIsoft PI System developed by Pimsoft. Contact us for more details.



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