Create, Deploy, and Exchange Advanced Analytics Based on Sigmafine Data with SigmafineHub

Join us for the first in a series of SigmafineHub TechTalks, including a quick overview of the SigmafinHub, defining what it is, and the business value it creates. We will look at the SigmafineHub Web-Apps and where we are in SigmafineHub development, highlighting some of the additional benefits offered to Sigmafine users.

A functional walkthrough will also be provided showcasing the new UI and introducing you to some new functionalities, including a new foundation for deploying and exchanging advanced analytics known as “Packages”.


A Digital Asset Factory for all process industries

SigmafineHub is a digital asset factory, transforming OT data into usable datasets for people, other applications, and business processes and able to assert economic value to process information.

SigmafineHub is how Pimsoft accompanies customers in their digital transformation journey. It provides a scalable, extensible, and adaptive framework for model-driven data analysis and the transformation of streaming data & events into Digital Assets.


What's New with SigmafineHub?



SigmafineHub introduces new collaboration features allowing users to interact with each other while working with the SigmafineHub.


Web Technology

SigmafineHub is a web-based application server that abstracts the Sigmafine Servers through a collection of web apps. The main ones are: SigmafineVisualizer, SigmafineStudio, SigmafineAdmin, and SigmafineExplorer.



Under the same condition, SigmafineHub will deliver a performance superior to the client-server performance of the Sigmafine server. This performance improvement is more significant for larger models.


Easy to Use

If you are familiar with the concepts of Sigmafine models and cases, you will be up and running in no time with SigmafienHub's intuitive UI and contextual help resources. Pimsoft offers a remote online orientation service for new users.



SigmafineHub enhances security for Sigmafine users by implementing HTTPS, an encrypted communication protocol that checks the integrity of the communication.


Easier Updating

Once the SigmafineHub server is installed, updates of web apps can be deployed easily so customers can take advantage of new features as they are released.  SigmafineHub updates will be continuous vs. yearly releases of the Sigmafine server.

What is SigmafineHub

SigmafineHub is a collection of WebApps released over the next two years to replace and augment the user experience of Sigmafine, introduce new Sigmafine functionalities and capabilities, and address the retirement of PI ProcessBook.



This WebApp is typically used by all Sigmafine users to view displays, run cases, and analyze results. It eliminates the need to use PI ProcessBook for visualizing models.  This app is now released.



SigmafineAdmin is a WebApp managing the SigmafineHub application server including system settings and user roles and privileges.



This WebApp is used to build and edit models and configure functional modules on the Sigmafine Server. This WebApp will enable the complete retirement of PI ProcessBook.



This new WebApp will be released shortly and implements new Sigmafine functionalities and capabilities in the area of reporting, user-defined data analysis, and automation. Over time, SigmafineStudio will become the engine for transforming data into digital assets and the framework for making Sigmafine an enterprise digital asset factory.

Introducing the next generation of Sigmafine

For existing Sigmafine user, SigmafineHub is both a replacement of PI ProcessBook and a paradigm shift in the user experience resulting in an augmentation of the value generation capabilities of Sigmafine.  SigmafineHub is backward compatible with all models developed using Sigmafine Server and the PI Process-Book add-ins.


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