Sigmafine Partners are a community of experts that can extend the capabilities of Pimsoft in meeting the needs of customers worldwide.


Implementation Partners

Implementation partners can take part or lead the implementation of Sigmafine as well as provide post-implementation assistance to further the deployment and integration of Sigmafine.

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Sigmafine Professionals

Sigmafine Professionals are recognized professionals with an established practice who can assist customers directly through the lifecycle (definition, implementation, or operation) of as Sigmafine system. As a registered partner, they benefit from the support of Pimsoft.

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Business Partners

Business Partners are resellers of Sigmafine. They can facilitate the acquisition and implementation of the Sigmafine technology in markets not serviced directly by Pimsoft.

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Integration Partners

Integration partners provide solutions that interoperate easily with the software solutions of Pimsoft.

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Become a Sigmafine Partner

Pimsoft is actively recruiting Sigmafine Partners to extend its capabilities to deliver value to customers in territories and industries around the world.

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