Power Generation

Fighting for Marketshare with Sigmafine

Sigmafine helps power generators reduce losses, lower costs, improve asset utilization & reliability, streamline business processes, and maximize profitability.


Sigmafine validates, reconciles, and conditions internal measurements, vendor transactions, and business data that can be relied upon to increase efficiencies and improve equipment utilization.

The power and utilities industry requires accurate, reliable production and equipment performance KPIs, both of which may be used as the basis for trade, product valuations, and pricing while upholding compliance regulations. This requirement makes digitization critical for any modern power and utilities site; teams must make efficient use of metered data to achieve operational excellence and stay competitive.

production accounting

Production Accounting

Validated and reconciled data is combined with material information to provide production and consumption reports, inventory stocks, site balance by material, and plant/process unit yields.

performance monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Early detection of process deviations and measurement errors allowing users to more accurately estimate, monitor, and control site losses.

energy management

Near Real-Time Energy Management

Accurately monitoring energy-intensive equipment is critical to improving usage and decreasing emissions.


Compliance Reporting

A single source of truth, allowing users to automatically transfer data to business systems and databases.


Meter Management

Gross error detection, as well as, identify and reduce measurement bias and drifts.


Loss Monitoring

More accurately estimatte, monitor leaks, and control site losses.


Consolidation of Disparate Data Sources

Sigmafine pulls together disparate data types (operations, inventory, quality, energy and utilities consumption, material movement including receipts and shipments) into an integrated model that is solved continually.


ERP Integration

Closed-loop business process integration with ERP for cost allocation, performance reporting, etc.

Supported Applications

  • Estimate, monitor, and control site losses
  • Support product distribution optimization (heat, steam, electricity, water, etc.)
  • Power hourly production balancing for near real-time assessment
  • Validate unit production efficiencies
  • Automatically validate and restore regulatory emissions parameters
  • Automatically transfer data to business systems and databases
  • Maintain auditability compliance

The Benefits of Improved Data Quality

Improved data quality in the power and utilities industry is primarily associated with:

  • Automating and validating business and financial accounting
  • More accurately estimating and monitoring leaks and losses
  • More accurately monitoring production and environmental strategies
  • Reducing KPI uncertainties
  • Monitoring and validating capacities and efficiencies
  • Estimating and monitoring losses across the process unit’s distribution network

The Business Impact of Implementing Sigmafine

Sigmafine customers chose to implement Sigmafine to leverage the many benefits that come with a single, cohesive, validated dataset, including:

  • Achieving data consistency by applying first principles and concentration laws
  • Safeguarding production figures and KPIs
  • Making production figures and KPIs available for operations, production planning, and performance monitoring
  • Automating enterprise reporting
  • Facilitating seamless trade and billing transactions
  • Increasing site-wide efficiencies

On top of delivering these benefits that drive operational excellence, it’s been estimated that Sigmafine has a payback period of less than 6 months – a critical value proposition for customers who are tightening resources to stay competitive.

Sigmafine References in Power & Utilities

Sigmafine in ISAB refining and power generation

Sigmafine in ISAB refining and power generation

Hear how Sigmafine was expanded at ISAB to include the monitoring of power generation assets and utility networks. Giving insight and accurate production accounting for this integrated refinery & power generation site that is critical to maximize operational and financial performance.

Uniper – Meeting New Regulatory & Financial Challenges Through Asset Framework with Sigmafine (OSI-UC-EMEA 2016)

This presentation discusses how UNIPER uses Sigmafine to improve response time in validation process, increase profit maximization based on various analysis to operate within environmental permit limits.


Sigmafine Solutions for Power Generation

Sigmafine Solutions for Power Generation

This webinar discusses the Sigmafine reconciliation capabilities which minimize meter errors and other key features that facilitate business process automation. You will also hear how our customers, hybrid chemical-power and classical independent generators, rely on Sigmafine conditioned datasets to benefit their organization.

Pimsoft – Sigmafine Value Pyramid for the Power Industry (SFUC 2011)

Explore how Sigmafine provides value in the power industry to help users with data validation, mass & energy balance, and data transformation.

Power Generation

Fighting for Marketshare with Sigmafine

Sigmafine helps power generators reduce losses, lower costs, improve asset utilization and integrity, streamline business process, and maximize profitability.

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