Sigmafine Extension - Psychrometrics

Easily integrate the relationship between air, water and energy in a Sigmafine model

The Sigmafine Psychrometric Extension calculates absolute humidity as a function of relative humidity and dry bulb temperature which are then used by a Sigmafine model to improve the redundancy of information.

Sigmafine - Transforming Data into Digital Assets


  • Implements a method of determining the absolute humidity (H) as the mass of water vapor present per unit mass of dry air at a given temperature and 1 atm. of pressure.
  • Natively designed to work within PI AF


  • Infer non-measurable information from direct process measurements​
  • Fully configurable within the Sigmafine model without the need of calling external programs


  • Makes it easy to estimate condensation and evaporation in unit operations.
  • Improve KPIs estimation in HVAC

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