Application Management Services

Scope: If you are running out of time to modify existing models or develop new models, build reports, extend the use of Sigmafine, Pimsoft offers annual Application Management subscriptions allowing you to reach out for assistance anytime.

Audience: Customers requiring tailored and dedicated hands-on support for their Sigmafine applications

Deliverables: To provide dedicated user support and corrective, adaptive, and preventive maintenance to manage the Sigmafine solution over the years.


What are Application Maintenance Services?

It is an annual subscription offered by Pimsoft which guarantees the availability of technical resources able to assist in the troubleshooting, development, and extension of Sigmafine applications developed by the customer.  The subscription can also include standard technical services for the tuning, maintenance, and upgrade of the Sigmafine system.

How are Application Maintenance Services rendered?

These services are rendered remotely during normal business hours or on a 7/24 basis if required by the customer.  Customers can track progress through a personalized portal.  The program includes the assignment of a designated Sigmafine specialist to each customer.

How are Application Maintenance subscriptions defined?

Subscriptions can be defined by the number of service hours, types of services, number of applications, number of sites, response time, etc.  Each subscription can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

Why subscribe to Application Maintenance Services?

Subscribers to this program are guaranteed >to be completed>

Application management (AM) takes a progressive, customized, and collaborative approach to Sigmafine maintenance beyond the general technical support and software updates that the Software Maintenance Program provides.

Pimsoft’s AM program supports development, consulting, and maintenance for all aspects of Sigmafine within an organization. Services can be tailored for each customer depending on where they most require services. For instance, current AM subscribers receive services anywhere from consistent modeling updates and report development to advanced application management and continuous coaching services. Organizations that have created company-specific programs on top of Sigmafine may also gain an extra level of support for their applications through this program.

Customers may even have a dedicated Sigmafine specialist who specifically supports their sites. This is advantageous because the organizations would partner with a consultant who has accumulated knowledge of their systems instead of needing to re-explain their circumstances during every support call. The selected Pimsoft representative would be able to make more valuable recommendations, give customized coaching that is most relevant to the customer, and provide practical corrective and preventive maintenance.

Subscriptions can be defined by the number of service hours, types of services, number of applications, or other requirements. It is a very flexible and configurable program for Sigmafine users committed to the continuous advancement and management of their Sigmafine systems.

AM customers gain access to a specialized web portal where they can request and track support calls, request online SLA reporting, and access Pimsoft demo centers. Customers can also access technical documentation and best practices at any time.


To work collaboratively with customers in an ongoing effort to continuously reinforce and improve their Sigmafine systems.


Application Management can be customized based on the company’s needs. Services include:

  • Online support and assistance
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Evaluation of new improvements
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Remote Coaching
  • Auditing and tuning
  • Sigmafine training session

The AM service is also offered to support customer-specific applications developed by Pimsoft for the client.


Must own a Sigmafine system and provide remote access on-demand to monitor system performance.


This is a subscription service that can be set up in a short period of time.

Service Package

Application Management complements the Sigmafine Software Maintenance Program (SMP) and can deliver the right balance of effort between caring for the data by Pimsoft and freeing client’s resources so they can concentrate on using the data and delivering value to the organization.


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