Sigmafine Extension - LNG, LPG, and NGL

Implementing industry standard calculations

The Sigmafine Extension for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases), and NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) enables the transformation of inventory and custody transfer information from actual conditions to standard conditions using the appropriate volume correction factors specified by international standards and best practices. This Extension implements accurate temperature and pressure corrections for LNG, LPG and NGL

With this extension, there is no need to create and maintain complex Excel spreadsheets or use standalone engineering tools since all logic and computation are performed within the Sigmafine model. A combination of equations of state and correlations used by the extension addresses the reporting and monitoring needs for liquefied gases in the oil and gas industry.

Sigmafine - Transforming Data into Digital Assets


  • Handles multicomponent mixtures and evaluates coefficients as recommended by the Manual of Petroleum Standards to compute standard volumes (Chapter 11 – ASTM [Stock No. PETROLTBLTP27]; GPA TP-27).
  • Estimates gross calorific values (GCV) and the theoretical LNG density values using the revised Klosek McKinley equation of state.


  • Facilitated inventory and transfer compensation calculations for LNG, LPG, and NGL.
  • Calculated properties can support Component and Energy balance analyses for even more accurate results
  • All the configurations are accessible within the PI Asset Framework without the need for external tools


  • Enables the creation of real-time inventory reports using the same standard across the company, facilitating benchmarking between sites
  • Engineers and plant managers are given actionable inventory information and material transfer information
  • More accurate billing of LNG which is highly dependent on energy content evaluation

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