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Conditioning Data for Digital Transformation

In the world of digital business, the performance, profitability, reliability, and capability of each Industrial Plant is described and measured through the data and information it generates. This amalgam of disparate data and information is what we call the “Industrial Plant Dataset”.  People, applications, and business processes use this dataset to create sustainable business value and benefits.  Therefore, data quality matters.

Regardless of your industry or your problem domain, Sigmafine has the breadth and depth needed to deliver and support a wide range of applications and solutions across the Process industries.  Our solution briefs provide a generic explanation of how to use Sigmafine in a particular industry or for a given solution area.  Our application briefs present actual implementations delivered to customers.


Oil & Gas - Downstream

Sigmafine software connects raw process data, material transactions, and business data in one model constrained by first-principles equations, evoking a refined, consistent, and highly accurate data set to drive material accounting, inventory reporting, integration with ERP and business intelligence while supporting corporate governance.

Oil & Gas upstream

Oil & Gas - Upstream

Digital oil & gas fields want smarter, cost-effective operations from leveraging the increased sensors & data sources. Improving plant operations requires that this extensively connected data-set is highly accurate and consistent for near-real time analyses. Sigmafine supplies validated, reconciled, conditioned data ready for use.



Enabling LNG producers, from liquification to regasification, to transform their process measurements into accurate, corrected information (balanced energy, volume, …) used within financial transactions, production accounting & allocation, royalty calculations, performed with an all-encompassing, adaptable, digital plant.



Take control of the supply chain and logistics for large and complex chemicals production using Sigmafine solutions to uniquely solve your production accounting, inventories and loss management, performance monitoring, and energy management within a single digital environment.


Gas Transportation & Distribution

With more than 20 years of supporting several worldwide companies in the digital transformation process, Sigmafine is currently used in this field by companies operating in gas production, processing, liquefaction, regasification, and storage.


Mining & Metallurgy

Empowering metal producers to expand their operating limits, reduce uncertainty in key components composition, hence driving better financial performance yet complying with international metals accounting standards such as AMIRA.



Govern the full fertilizer production and logistics using Sigmafine solutions to uniquely solve your production accounting, piles & inventories management, loss accounting, water, and utilities balancing all within a single digital environment fully integrated within the cybernated enterprise landscape.


Power Generation

Power and utilities markets are severely competitive placing the imperative to effectively use the digitalization solutions to continuously expand their operating limits, reduce uncertainty in production and performance KPIs, hence driving better financial performance yet operating sustainably.


Water & Utilities

Water systems are critical infrastructures that are capital intensive and challenging to operate. The challenges vary by region, but they always include sustaining water quality, producing and delivering water according to the demand and improving water conservation and reuse, energy consumption, and all the factors impacting costs and reliability.


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