System Updates

Keep your Sigmafine system in sync with your business

Are you currently considering:

  • An upgrade from an older version 4.x;
  • An extension of the functionality (application-specific plug-ins such as TES, IF, IMM, etc.)
  • An expansion of the scope of the system (such as increasing the number of licensed elements)
  • E–upgrading, looking to expand the scope of the Sigmafine system or extend (more functions) its capabilities or all three at the same time, our upgrade and expansion, this service package with
  • All three of the above or any other services that would have an impact
Sigmafine - Transforming Data into Digital Assets

Sigmafine Update

  • Definition: Customers who have a recent version of Sigmafine but want to upgrade to the latest release for that version (for instance, a Sigmafine 4.5.1 site updating to Sigmafine 4.5.3).
  • Objective: To provide additions, enhancements and fixes to the latest software.
  • Service Package: Includes Sigmafine software installation

Sigmafine Expansion

  • Definition: Adding additional Sigmafine components, such as SQL Access or Integration Framework, to an existing Sigmafine system.
  • Objective: To increase and enhance the capabilities and functionalities of a Sigmafine system.
  • Service Package: Includes Sigmafine software installation

Sigmafine Extension

  • Definition: Increasing size of an existing Sigmafine system, for example from 3000 Elements to 6000 Elements.
  • Objective: To increase the amount and/or variety of data available in a Sigmafine system; instances of use include: expansion of plant, change in business requirements, additions to the plant, etc.
  • Service Package: Includes Sigmafine software installation

Other Sigmafine Services

Pimsoft also provides many “a la carte” onsite and remote services upon demand.

Examples of Additional Services:

  • Sigmafine Consulting
  • Sigmafine Coaching
  • Sigmafine Model Assessment
  • Sigmafine Modeling
  • Application/Code Development

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