Sigmafine 4.6 R3 Adds Clarity, Compatibility, and Calculations

We are pleased to announce the release of Sigmafine 4.6 R3 and matching releases for all Sigmafine add-ons and extensions, including SQL Access, Advanced Diagnostics Add-in, and more.

Sigmafine 4.6 R3 is designed to provide users with more tracking capabilities, greater compatibility and new advanced calculations. Together these new aspects simplify auditing and save users a significant amount of time.

Our featured enhancements enable users to:

Directly examine adjusted values in Sigmafine Excel Add-in for easier auditing. Find information in Excel Add-in about who changed values, when and how many changes were made, and more.

Reduce Units of Measure uncertainty in reporting with enhanced UoM visibility in Sigmafine Modeler and Advanced Diagnostics Add-in. Clarify which UoM is being displayed in Modeler and ADA, which may be different than the UoM used in the server database.

Load all types of table-value attributes to Composition Tracking and Quality Tracking using Sigmafine Data Importer. Experience faster setup times for plug-ins like Composition Tracking and Quality Tracking.

Quickly and accurately identify data issues in Composition Tracking and Quality Tracking using Advanced Diagnostics Add-in. Pinpoint any data issues in Composition Tracking with automated normalization of quantity across all objects in the model. Track both qualities by mixture and qualities for each component in mixtures in Quality Tracking.

Gain compatibility with the latest OSIsoft platforms to improve user experience, memory management, and internal client architecture. Benefit from new compilations against .NET 4.x family and AF SDK 2.8.x.

The Sigmafine Support Portal (SSP) is the primary delivery channel to download licensed software and obtain the most recent product information and documentation. Pimsoft Customers, Sigmafine Licensees and Partners can request credentials for accessing the SSP here.

If you are not yet using Sigmafine 4.6, this is a great opportunity to upgrade. Schedule an enquiry with our team of experts here to discuss the upgrade steps and process. We appreciate your continued interest in Sigmafine.

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