Get more security and availability with Sigmafine 4.6

At Pimsoft, we care about data and are committed to maximizing data quality for our customers. When it comes to data and information, value and quality are inseparable concepts. Pimsoft provides Sigmafine® as a foundation to implement essential checks and balances in our business and data management activities so that we can trust data for action at all times.

Sigmafine 4.6 is designed to provide users with additional security features as well as greater flexibility and searching capabilities. Together these new aspects simplify auditing and save users a significant amount of time.

Locking Cases

Typically after the end-of-month closing, a number of cases have been balanced and the approved data has been reported to the finance department. At this point the Sigmafine user might want to close the approved balances and keep the values locked so that they cannot be inadvertently modified by any user. The locking case feature “freezes” all of your calculations and results, independently of any future configurations that will be performed on the model. Your Sigmafine data is now more secure yet accessible.

Sigmafine Now Supports Microsoft SQL Server’s Always On Configuration

The Sigmafine Server has both native availability and backend high availability configurations. The implementation of either configuration depends greatly on business requirements regarding the level of data accessibility for a specific business function and the degree of data protection needed for the specific solution. Normally, yield accounting requires high accessibility on the reporting side while a real time balance solution may require a highly available configuration. In previous versions, an option to achieve high availability in backend reporting was to install the Sigmafine Server on a mirrored SQL server. Now Sigmafine 4.6 employs the Microsoft SQL Always on feature which is available for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and above. This SQL feature keeps data highly available with minimal inactivity, meaning virtually no system interruptions.

Audit Trail

A Sigmafine model and its assets can be affected overtime by operational changes. This might require changes to the definitions of assets and connectivity. With Sigmafine 4.6, users can audit the configuration changes for a specific time period.  The report created can be used to document changes on the Sigmafine model and support the change management process.

Sigmafine Tables Improvements

Certain Sigmafine tables such as strapping tables may contain a large number of rows, making it difficult to search for a specific entry. Sigmafine 4.6 allows you to efficiently narrow the search for rows using filtering and sorting features. This functionality is also useful for locating similar product codes in the materials code, which enhances the maintenance of product code information. For the Sigmafine administrator, the new parametrized table queries allow for a more efficient method to retrieve relevant information from external systems, improving performance for the end users.

Beyond these new software developments, Pimsoft is also pleased to announce the launch of its Sigmafine Customer Support Portal. The first release of the portal will provide downloads for the current and most recent versions of the Sigmafine software licensed by your company; access to the documentation library for any Sigmafine product; and views of the software entitlement, license, and account information of your company.

The Sigmafine 4.6 release will only be available through this portal. If you are the technical contact for your company, be sure to apply for your credentials here today! If you are not the technical contact for your company, please contact us here with the appropriate information. Access to the portal will be sent to requestors by September 14.

To find out more about Sigmafine 4.6, consider attending our annual user meeting, SFUM 2015 held in Houston from October 20th to 22nd. Click here for more information.


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