Learn how SigmafineStudio brings the user experience a step further with improved automation in the data management workflow, integrated reporting and dashboarding, easier consumption of complex data table results within the Sigmafine GUI allowing users to build customized analytics with a zero-coding approach.​

Recorded November 11th, 2021
At the Sigmafine Virtual Summit

Bringing Your Sigmafine Value a Step Further with SigmafineStudio

The SigmafineHub platform is revolutionizing the way Sigmafine is used, focalizing more on the value of the data rather than the application itself.​ Today the user experience can be enriched by the power of SigmafineStudio, a web application belonging to the SigmafineHub platform, allowing to build customized analytics with a zero-coding approach.​ Customers are asking for an even more versatile Sigmafine, a companion accelerating their daily job, improved automation in the data management workflow, integrated reporting and dashboarding, easier consumption of complex data table results within the Sigmafine GUI.​ SigmafineStudio in conjunction with the other components of SigmafineHub answers these requests and brings the user experience a step further.​

Live demos of the results you can get from SigmafineStudio analytics will make evident the additional value that this platform can provide to Sigmafine users.​ Finally, what if this is only the beginning of a new knowledge-shared paradigm towards a cooperative Sigmafine community?​

About Pimsoft

Pimsoft is owner & maker of Sigmafine, an enterprise-wide solution for improving the reliability of business processes through better data fit for use at all times.

The mission of the Sigmafine team is to generate value for our customers by ensuring the continual accuracy and usability of their process and manufacturing data so that their data can be fully trusted for decision and action. Pimsoft brings innovative software solutions and engineering skills to industries where data quality and usability is mission critical in shaping information for action and decision. With its offices in Turin, Milan and Rome, Italy and Houston, Texas, Pimsoft maintains the largest contingent of highly skilled and experienced IT and Engineering professionals in this application domain.

At the core of Pimsoft is an expertise in process and manufacturing know-how applied to data curation and governance. We ensure the successful implementation and application of Sigmafine to support operational, business and compliance mandates of the enterprise.

Marco Lanteri
Industry Principal - Oil & Gas Refining, Petrochemiclas
Pimsoft, S.p.A.
+39 (335) 743-0453

Marco has a background in the simulation of dynamic processes, development of operator training simulators, and process engineering with particular expertise in ammonia, methanol, LNG, lime, and vacuum technologies.

Marco holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and joined Pimsoft in 2014 as a Senior Sigmafine Consultant.

Elena Molla
Sigmafine Product Specialist

Elena is currently part of the Sigmafine Delivery Team in Pimsoft. She joined Pimsoft in 2015 and her experience in the company includes working on Sigmafine projects, analyzing the customer’s requirements, implementing technical solutions, documentation writing, consulting, and training.

She graduated in Energy Engineering with Oil&Gas specialization, at Politecnico di Milano.

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