This webinar will teach you about

  • How the PE2AF utility works
  • What features the utility supports
  • How to plan a PE migration project
  • How to address AF readiness
  • How to test the Asset Analytics after the migration

Recorded December, 2018

Migrating Performance Equations to AF Analytics

Learn everything there is to know about the PE2AF utility

Hear from David Soll, Omicron’s CTO, on how to turn your project into a success and start reaping the benefits of AF adoption.

Presented by

David Soll
Chief Technical Officer
Omicron Development LLC
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David Soll is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Omicron Development, LLC. He is responsible for the overall technical direction and technology solution set provided by Omicron. David received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and brings over 30 years of experience in consulting including Information Technology, IT management, software architecture – design & development, network architecture and design, etc.

David has a long history of innovation based on OSIsoft and Microsoft technologies. He began working with the PI system from Oil Systems Inc. when PC-networking and graphics were emerging technologies. He has followed the development of PI and OSIsoft ever since and has helped many major clients adopt and extend PI’s capabilities to address business needs. David began working with SharePoint shortly after its introduction and has helped many companies realize the potential and handle the complexities of SharePoint used with the OSIsoft PI System.

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