Slovnaft's production accounting team developed a set of metrics based on the indicators Sigmafine provides to measure how the balance is performing and the improvements over time.

Learn how the Sigmafine model is supporting operations both with identification of meter issues and to perform loss allocation by source at the Slovnaft Refinery.

Recorded October 21st, 2020

Improving daily reconciliation quality in Slovnaft Refinery

Company and production managers base their strategic and operational decisions on daily and monthly data. They are more and more conscious of the need for quality metrics to understand the reliability of the data they reviewing. With this in mind, the Slovnaft production accounting team developed a set of metrics based on the indicators Sigmafine provides to measure how the balance is performing and identify improvements over time. 

Learn how the Sigmafine model is supporting operations - both in the identification of meter issues and the ability to perform loss allocation by source - at the Slovnaft Refinery. 

About Slovnaft a.s.

Slovnaft, a.s., based in Bratislava, is a refinery with a processing capacity of 5.5 - 6 million tonnes of crude oil annually. The company’s core business is production, warehousing, wholesale, and retail sales and distribution. Slovnaft fields the largest retail network in Slovakia offering top-quality motor fuels and lubricants as well as other customer services such as shops, gastro service, car wash, and others. Slovnaft is a member of the MOL Group.

Radoslav Dohnal
Production and Energy Balance Leader
Slovnaft a.s.
+421 917 868260

Radoslav Dohnal is the leader of the material balance team at the Slovnaft refinery, a member of the MOL group. He previously worked in MOL's headquarters as a senior specialist for the Petchem Product Line where he applied the production knowledge he had gained during his tenure as head of the Slovnaft refinery's production scheduling team. Radoslav designed and implemented a database tool for sharing sales info across the organization, and significantly contributed to the implementation of a scheduling simulation tool as well as a Sigmafine reconciliation tool.

Radoslav earned a master's degree in Economics from Masaryk University Brno (Czech Republic). He also earned The Professional Diploma in Management from The Open University.   

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