Hear how using the PI System as a data infrastructure allows you to combine data from disparate sources to help bring context for analysis and reporting, and empowers people to leverage data to generate actionable information through best practices, to provide continuous improvement.

Recorded November 9th, 2021
At the SigmafineVirtual Summit

PI System: Data Infrastructure for Performance Intellignce

Data is critical to smart operations, but operators, engineers, and managers face a data deluge from diverse systems; stopping them from using the data effectively to make decisions. Users often wrestle with data stored in multiple systems with very little associated context for analysis and reporting.

What’s needed is an environment that breaks down these barriers and connects all operational information sources coherently, and empowers people to leverage data to generate actionable information, best practices, analysis, and continuous improvement. What’s needed? A PI System as a data infrastructure.


AVEVA creates industrial software that inspires people to shape the future. From water and energy to food and infrastructure, our solutions turn opportunities into business value. We work with our customers and harness the power of our ecosystem to deliver solutions across the asset and operations lifecycles. We use collaborative innovation to empower people and industries, making a difference in the industrial sector and beyond.

Nathawan Hanpadungdhama
Presales Engineer, PI Business - APAC

Nathawan has over 10 years of experience with PI System as a technical support engineer, systems engineer, and pre-sales engineer. Over the past years, she used her in-depth knowledge of the PI system to empower customers to support their business objectives/needs. She has supported many big companies in O&G and Power industries across APAC to achieve their digital transformation initiatives. She holds a Master's degree in Information Sciences from Tohoku University, Japan, and a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from Thammasat University, Thailand.

Dow Corning – Unit Yield Performance and Plant Production Accounting with the Sigmafine/PI System Infrastructure (Webinar 2013)

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Enhancing Data Towards Industrial Digitalization

In this webinar, we will focus on how the partnership between Calibr8
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Applicazione di Sigmafine e del PI System nel settore Distribuzione Gas

WEBINAR: Applicazione di Sigmafine e del PI System nel settore Distribuzione Gas

Scopri come Sigmafine e il PI System supportano il processo di Digital Transformation per mezzo del bilancio di massa e dell’infrastruttura real time.

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