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SigmafineHub TechTalks 001

February 28, 2023

Create, Deploy, and Exchange Advanced Analytics Based on Sigmafine Data with SigmafineHub.

Includes a quick overview of the SigmafinHub, defining what it is, and the business value it creates. We will look at the SigmafineHub Web-Apps and where we are in SigmafineHub development, highlighting some of the additional benefits offered to Sigmafine users.

A functional walkthrough is also provided showcasing the new UI and introducing you to some new functionalities, including a new foundation for deploying and exchanging advanced analytics known as “Packages”.

The TechTalks aim to address the most common topics with SigmafineHub that we encounter with product support so that we can help you derive more value from Sigmafine and support your journey to transforming data into digital assets.

Sigmafine Solutions for Power Generation

Sigmafine Solutions for Power Generation

This webinar discusses the Sigmafine reconciliation capabilities which minimize meter errors and other key features that facilitate business process automation. You will also hear how our customers, hybrid chemical-power and classical independent generators, rely on Sigmafine conditioned datasets to benefit their organization.

Conditioning Data for Advanced Energy Management Strategies

Learn how to extend the use of Sigmafine for energy management and energy efficiency monitoring

Migrating Performance Equations to AF Analytics

Migrating Performance Equations to AF Analytics

Learn everything there is to know about the PE2AF utility from David Soll, Omicron’s CTO. Turn your project into a success and start reaping the benefits of AF adoption.

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